Investment Surgery

Low Cost Financial Advice

High quality, low cost, telephone based financial advice you can trust.

  • You’ll receive a confidential 30 minute consultation with a Chartered Financial Planner.
  • Simply book an appointment online and we’ll call you back when it suits you.
  • We specialise in financial, investment and pension planning.
  • We make a small charge of £40 for the session and you’ll receive full confirmation of your discussion.

Low Cost Investment Surgery

Low cost access to a financial advisor that is quick, easy and convenient.




At Investor Profile we understand that sometimes you just want a little financial advice from someone you can trust. Someone to talk to on the phone and an expert that will answer your questions. Because you do not always need a sledgehammer to crack and nutshell the Investment Surgery offers you easy access to low cost, independent, fee based financial advice in a way that is quick and easy.


This is a true ‘pay as you go’ service, which means you only ever pay for advice when you need it. This helps to promote the low cost aspect of it. The Investment Surgery is a telephone based service. Simply select a time that is convenient for you and book an appointment online. Once you have booked your appointment we will provide confirmation by e-mail (and text if you include your mobile number) of your appointment date and time. We will then call you at the time requested to discuss your requirements.  After your appointment you will receive a one-page summary of what was discussed, as well as any agreed follow up actions.


We will aim to be as helpful as we possibly can given the information we have about you during the session. We will not aim to make full personal recommendations during your session. Instead we will discuss your requirements with you and agree on a suitable course of action which may involve guidance on products that you can take away and action yourself, or may require more detailed advice from us.

We specialise in advising on:

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Savings & Investments
  • Investment Planning/Asset Allocation/Risk Profiling
  • Pensions
  • Or even if you just need a second opinion on your own financial adviser


The most important aspect of our relationship with you is the trust you place in us to do the right thing. Because we have no products to sell or financial adviser services to promote we think your Investment Surgery sessions can afford to be much more focused on you. We do not need to spend time on explaining our services, we simply get to work on what it is we can do to help you. So not only is it low cost but we hope very good value for money too.

With your session taking place over the phone we can spend maximum time concentrating on you and what you need to get out of the session. Each session, which lasts 30 minutes, is charged at £40 per session. We think that represents quite incredible value for money when you consider how much you might normally pay in commissions (typically £500-£2,500) to a financial adviser, or fees to a financial planner (typically £2,500+). We hope you think so too.

 Low Cost Investment Surgery

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