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Paige Carne

Paige Carne
Paige Mills: Client

What do you do?

As the Financial Planning Manager, I am responsible for researching and producing tailored recommendations for our clients. I work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that our clients' investments and strategy remain suited to their needs.

Why do you do it?

As a smaller company, we’re able to create a strong relationship with each of our clients, which is something that I feel is really important. This puts us in an excellent position to review our clients' assets and build a plan that will help them to achieve a better financial position. I love getting to know our clients, understanding their objectives, and helping them to achieve them in a way that’s suitable for their attitude to risk, as well as being tax efficient and cost-effective.

What do you do outside work?

Most of my time outside of work is spent with my husband, Ash, and our Jack Russell Terrier, Gus, who acts like he’s the boss of the house. They say that Jack Russells are big dogs in a small dog's body and I can definitely vouch for that!

I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. Before working in the finance industry, I was an English teacher in the north of China. With temperatures of -25°C, it’s safe to say it’s an experience I’ll never forget. In recent years I’ve had the good fortune to be able to check some places off my bucket list, highlights of which were the Country Music Awards in Nashville, seeing the Thanksgiving parade in New York and visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco.

I studied History and Politics at University so I’m a bit of history geek. Whenever we go on holiday I try to drag Ash to museums, much to his enjoyment.  I’m also really interested in true crime. Whenever I’m out walking Gus, I’ll have my headphones in listening to a true crime podcast.

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Get in touch with Paige: or 01604 211234

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