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2021 Client survey results

As many of you will have seen, we recently ran a client survey to gain a further insight into your thoughts and feelings regarding the service we provide. We’d now like to take a moment to share some of the results with you.

Performance satisfaction

One of the first questions we asked was “How satisfied are you with our performance in the following areas?” This question was used to help us discover just how well we’re doing as far as our clients are concerned. The results are:

  • 85.56% of clients are “very satisfied” with the speed of response from their adviser/planner, with a further 14.44% of clients “mostly satisfied”.

  • 90.00% of clients are “very satisfied” with the speed of response from the support team, with the remaining 10.00% “mostly satisfied”.

  • 82.22% of clients are “very satisfied” that we understand their needs, goals, aspirations and objectives, with a further 16.67% being “mostly satisfied”.

  • 78.16% of clients are “very satisfied” with their periodic reviews, and a further 20.69% being “mostly satisfied”.

  • 78.16% of clients are “very satisfied” with communications between financial reviews, with a further 19.54% being “mostly satisfied”.

  • 61.63% of clients are “very satisfied” with the usefulness of our financial reports, while 34.88% being “mostly satisfied”.

  • Lastly, 77.53% of clients felt they were “very satisfied” that we keep them well informed and up to date, with a further 21.35% saying they are “mostly satisfied”.

Our entire team are delighted with these results, with an overwhelming majority of responses listed as “very satisfied” and “mostly satisfied”. However, we’ll be looking to improve our financial reports to ensure they’re as useful as possible for our clients.


Another important piece of information that we wanted to know was whether our clients would recommend us to other people (such as family, friends or colleagues). We’re delighted to say that a huge 94.32% of clients said they would recommend us.

Following on from this, just over 40% of clients said that they have recommended us in the last 12 months. While we’re pleased with this number, we’d like to see this increase as we move forward. If you have any hesitations in recommending us, please let us know why and we’ll do our best to make this process as easy as possible.

We know that many friends do not talk about finances with each other, but this is not the only time you can recommend us. You can also recommend us whenever your friends and family are going through major life events, such as thinking about retirement, an inheritance, divorce or many other life events.

By recommending us to your friends and family, you’re not only helping us, but you may also be helping them take a step to financial freedom.

Working with Investor Profile

We also asked clients whether they believed working with us has or will help achieve their financial goals. A resounding 96.59% of clients said “yes”. We’re extremely proud of this number as it shows the quality of work we do for our clients.

Next, we wanted to know what clients felt was the biggest benefit they received from working with us:

  • Just under 30% of clients (28.57%) mentioned peace of mind

  • Over 10% (10.39%) of clients mentioned knowing they have someone to go to for their finances

  • Over 5% (5.19%) of clients mentioned the confidence we provided them with

  • A further 5.19% of clients commented on our professional approach.

There were also many more kind comments and we’re extremely grateful to our clients for these kind words.

We’d like to thank everyone that took part in the survey – the responses have been extremely useful and will help us improve the service we provide. While we appreciate all of the kind words many clients had to say, we’ll also be making sure to improve on the areas mentioned to provide the best possible service. We look forward to continuing to work with all of our fantastic clients.

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